The missing link that will improve your cash flow

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PROBLEM: Today, business owners confront new cash flow challenges due to tight credit markets brought on by economic changes.  With less availability and access to credit, businesses are increasingly using collection agencies as an avenue to maintain positive cash flow.

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The money left unpaid by your customers or clients is cash you could be using in your business.  If your customers or clients have already received several reminders from you about their outstanding accounts and still haven’t paid you, they may not understand how serious you are about collecting the overdue debt.

Did you know that once an account becomes 60 days past due, your chances of recovering that money drop to 50 percent? 

Many customers and clients will react differently when contacted and visited by a third party collections firm.  They worry about affecting their credit rating and often want to avoid legal action taken to recover debts.  This psychological impact of serious long-term consequences will impact most people.   This psychological impact is what can can help MC$ collect your money.

SOLUTION: We’ve helped many businesses, not only on Cape Cod, but all over MA, recover unpaid debts and improve their cash flow. The psychological impact of a personalized debt recovery specialist working for you IS the missing link on your balance sheet.  By hiring a Mass Credit Services to recover any unpaid debts professionally, your cash flow will improve. When reminder notices don’t work and bills remain unpaid, it is time to call MC$ to get your money.

MC$Our Business is Your Money.

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