MASS CREDIT SERVICES offers business-to-business debt collection services and specializes in debt related to the construction industry. We combine strong negotiating skills with a solid understanding of building construction. With this expertise, we are able to offer unique tools to help with your collections.

Prepared, Persuasive, Persistent…above all, Professional

 Negotiating and Recovery

MC$ works to find the best solution, not just the simplest compromise. We will go the extra mile, personally visiting the debtor to collect your money. Our team of skilled collectors is intent on recovering your assets.

Most of us are not born gifted negotiators-yet expert negotiation is a cornerstone of effective debt recovery. Our team excels in successful negotiations.

The best negotiators commonly follow a four-step path: preparation, information exchange, explicit bargaining, and commitment to produce results.

MASS CREDIT SERVICES has the willingness to prepare, the patience to listen to all parties, will pursue multiple solutions, and demonstrates an abiding commitment to personal integrity and getting the job done.

Locate Hard-to-Find-Debtors

MASS CREDIT SERVICES will help you quickly locate people, businesses and assets. MC$ is proud to provide easy access to the most current and comprehensive collection of public records and locater information to help locate hard-to-find debtors and shorten the collection cycle.

Collection Prioritization and Strategy

We will assist you to develop a more focused collection strategy by determining which of your outstanding accounts have the highest payment potential. We will also monitor your debtor accounts and notify you know when a customer’s ability to pay has improved so we can immediately start working the account again and collect the unpaid balance.

Strategic Partnerships

Our sister companies, Jomax and Fidelity Funding, serve as highly regarded professional partners and facilitate comprehensive accounts receivable management solutions. If the need arises, we are able to refer you to Jomax or Fidelity Funding.

Jomax is a debt acquisition company that specializes in purchasing delinquent or charged off debt.

Fidelity Funding assists recipients of future cash flows in obtaining an immediate lump sum. We provide financial solutions for structured settlements and pre-settlement funding.

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